The XX on working together

6 Music ran a lovely series of programmes about this year’s Mercury nominees. They did a simple thing and recorded the artists introducing the tracks, describing the inspiration and the creative process for each song. It’s like watching a movie with the director’s commentary switched on. Superb night-time radio (and unimpeachable public service output –… Continue reading The XX on working together

Twitter as service monitor

How do you monitor broadcast output on FM, LW (MW in some areas), two DAB frequencies, LW and FM channels for digital TV on Virgin cable, Sky satellite, Freeview and the online versions of the LW and FM streams in Flash and Windows Media? I’m not a radio engineer so jump in and correct me… Continue reading Twitter as service monitor

Adam Savage from Mythbusters

What I love about Adam Savage is his laugh. On Mythbusters, which I watch a lot (I have a twelve year-old son), he’s the riotous, uninhibited, self-actualiser – and he laughs all the time. In this video he talks about his other passions. And it’s inspiring.

Three reasons #PromsXHQ is important

Radio 3 have improved the quality of their live online stream – it’s an experiment called #PromsXHQ (‘XHQ’ for Extra High Quality). For the final week of the Proms you can listen at 320kb/s AAC: a big improvement but not, on the face of it, a big deal. I think it’s important, though.Why? 1. It’s… Continue reading Three reasons #PromsXHQ is important