new words Crixton Kids living

new words Crixton Kids living in Cricklewood in unglamorous North West London have borrowed some South London street glamour from newsworthy, spliff-friendly Brixton and renamed their neighbourhood ‘Crixton’. How old is this new word? Google offers only five links ??it must be brand new. The language is alive and well. What do you think?

Not whining but drowning

Hard copy from March’s PC Forum makes compelling reading (how do you blog hard copy?). The pace of change in the real world adds melancholy footnotes to the proceedings. Joe Nacchio was CEO of Qwest and an undisputed knight of the new economy until he joined the list of (super-rich) casualties in June. Questioned… Continue reading Not whining but drowning

Now this is a good idea

According to the FT, a new DTI report on speeding broadband adoption is not very optimistic. It concludes that wider availability and falling prices will not be enough to persuade most households to try it. Starting from the premise that a more thoroughly broadband Britain is a social and economic ‘good thing’ (one of those… Continue reading Now this is a good idea

urbanism World City Last night,

urbanism World City Last night, Saskia Sassen, Richard Sennett, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, Spencer de Grey and Archie Galloway discussed the future of London as a ?World City? at a Foreign Policy Centre evening beneath the luminous Great Court of The British Museum. Nations need World Cities to attract a rich enough mix of economic activity, trans-national… Continue reading urbanism World City Last night,

warchalking Matt’s Meme A sketchy

warchalking Matt’s Meme A sketchy etymology (backwards) for Matt Jones’ astonishingly infectious ‘warchalking’. Warchalking: depression-era hobo private language married by Matt to > war-driving: Wi-Fi era update for > war-dialing: 1980s phreaker lingo for automatic redialing derived (really?) from > Wargames-dialing: from the 1983 film in which acoustically coupled teens nearly start a proper war… Continue reading warchalking Matt’s Meme A sketchy

Blog this (experience)

Every weblog tool has a ‘blog this’ button. Clicking the button copies the URL of the site you’re looking at to your weblog so you can annotate it later. Now that mobile phones have built-in cameras, how about a ‘blog this’ button on your mobile that takes a picture and posts it, with your txt… Continue reading Blog this (experience)