Rishi Sunak, growth hacker

Screenshot of a promo for a LinkedIn Live 'Business Connect' event in which UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak answers questions from a carefully selected group of sympathetic business people and students.

Of course he’s on LinkedIn

Does it in any way cheer you up to know that your Prime Minister’s own LinkedIn bio puts the word ‘influencer’ before ‘Prime Minister of the United Kingdom’? Or that he happily showed up at 8.30 on a Monday morning to answer a string of nothing questions from friendly business big-wigs on a LinkedIn live?

Google search result for 'Rishi Sunak LinkedIn' - Rishi Sunak is an influencer. Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Leader of the Conservative Party. Member of Parliament for Richmond (Yorks).

Or does it kind of chill you to learn that someone so shallow, someone apparently so taken in by the promise of the hustle economy and by the bleak, one-dimensional glamour of the entrepreneur could possibly be asked to lead this sliding, spiralling, collapsing nation out of the long, catastrophic experiment of financialisation, marketisation, immiseration?

It’s like an episode of the Simpsons in which an actual country is led by an airhead who’s spent his whole adult life cheerfully clicking on LinkedIn requests, asking for endorsements and congratulating people he doesn’t know or care about every time they get a promotion.