Old geezer? Moi?

The FT ran a little piece about my departure from another.com in their ‘People’ section. This is the section usually populated by old geezers in bad suits taking jobs running Northern engineering businesses or 200 year-old City firms. Have I finally acquired old geezer status? Don’t answer that (I do own several bad suits).


Oxford English Dictionary definition of the word 'fraudster'. One who commits fraud, esp. in a business transaction.
OED definition of the word ‘fraudster’

Update: looks like it’s been in use since 1975 – and the first use is from the revered Financial Times!

When did we all adopt the Daily Mail-ism ‘fraudster’ and abandon the perfectly serviceable noun ‘fraud’? I can find ‘fraudster’ in none of my dictionaries – even those supposed to contain ‘new words’ – so its origins are obscure. Google, inevitably, reports 14,900 instances, so it can’t be brand new.