Beeb to Charter renewal opponents: ‘give up now’

According to Dan Milmo and Maggie Brown in The Guardian:

“The BBC has begun a three-year battle to secure its future and retain the ?2.5bn licence fee by appointing a team of 50 to work on a new royal charter.”

Most UK businesses and many of the corporation’s most important competitors, especially online, employ fewer than 50 people in total. Forgive the crass analogy, but the Beeb is preparing the media equivalent of ‘shock and awe’ for opponents of the licence fee. Resistance is futile.

Wonks on the BBC’s future

Policy wonks (what is a wonk exactly?) Damian Tambini and Jamie Cowling survey the increasingly obstacle-strewn path to charter renewal for the BBC in FT Creative Business (you’ll need to subscribe to to see the article). It is fascinating to watch the quick collapse of the corporation’s untouchable status over the last few months. Forces are at work.