You’ll have to wait until the interval…

Photograph of the St. Burchardi church with the organ on which John Cage's work 'as slow as possible'
St. Burchardi in Halberstadt

I’m afraid I’m bringing this concert to your attention about 15 months late. Luckily the ‘performance’ isn’t due to finish for another 637 years so you have time to get an ice cream. The extraordinary John Cage (who used to have his own special side-bar feature here at Bowblog, back before blogger ate my template) scored his piece ‘As Slow as Possible’ to last about twenty minutes played on a solo piano but the literal-minded Germans plan to play approximately one chord per year on the Halberstadt town organ until 2640 thus neatly untethering music from human time entirely and sending the mind reeling. The performance stretches an ephemeral human enterprise across many generations and tests the endurance of every institution associated with it. I love this kind of really long-term thinking.