Cynical? Moi?

Parties to the Middle East talks in Annapolis fall into two groups: those who frankly don’t care if the ‘Palestine problem’ is resolved and those whose lives and livelihoods depend on it. Unfortunately the former group includes all the nations with the power to do anything about it and the latter only the utterly powerless.… Continue reading Cynical? Moi?

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Palestinian? No.

I was fascinated and encouraged to read the phrase ‘Palestinian Produce’ on this pack of strawberries from the farm shop up the road but then a commenter on my flickr stream told me that the brand name Coral belongs to Israeli exporter Agrexco and that these strawberries, if they come from Palestine at all, probably… Continue reading Palestinian? No.

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Help displaced Lebanese

Remember, buying one of my dopey groovy “No I do not have a Nectar Card” t-shirts directly helps the UN’s refugee agency to the tune of $6.00 per shirt (which is 100% of my profit on the shirt). The shirts cost $19.99 which, if you’re in the UK, is barely a tenner. Alternatively, of course,… Continue reading Help displaced Lebanese

What would you do?

Friends of Israel – many of them respectable lefties, long-time peaceniks, reluctant hawks – have been asking, in their newspaper columns and on TV, “what would you do?” And I’ve been asking myself that question and trying to be even-handed and trying to resist knee-jerk anti-Israeli sentiments but I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s… Continue reading What would you do?

Berger on Palestine

John Berger is brilliant and infuriating: Bolshevik, poet, monk. The man who gave his Booker Prize money (for G) to the Black Panthers and radicalised a whole generation of art history students through the amazing Ways of Seeing has been a constant witness for the poor and marginalised, especially for peasants and migrants. Never a… Continue reading Berger on Palestine