What were you doing in 1964?

Rachel Frank runs an online wine store called Arthur’s Bar. It’s a good site – excellent customer service, next day delivery, single bottles (most sites require you to buy a case or more) and they have lots of specially-sourced wines you won’t find elsewhere but there’s one product that really stands out. Rachel’s father, David Hallgarten, is a whisky blender and he bottles the only 35 year old blended Scotch whisky in the world. This stuff is gorgeous and very unusual. Most top whiskies are single malts. This is a blend – but to my taste it’s as good as any single malt I’ve tasted. The current batch was distilled in 1964, which is the year after I was born. You can’t buy it anywhere else and you’ll need to remortgage your house to buy a bottle (or move to a caravan and buy two) but if you’re trying to think what to buy me for Xmas, you can stop thinking now.