WAP blogging For a slightly

WAP blogging For a slightly less hermetic blogosphere I’m posting this from my mobile using clever Wapblogger. Not sure if I can stand tapping out many entries like this but it does get us a little closer to blogging actual experiences instead of more bloody web pages!

new words Crixton Kids living

new words Crixton Kids living in Cricklewood in unglamorous North West London have borrowed some South London street glamour from newsworthy, spliff-friendly Brixton and renamed their neighbourhood ‘Crixton’. How old is this new word? Google offers only five links ??it must be brand new. The language is alive and well. What do you think?

Not whining but drowning

Hard copy from March’s PC Forum makes compelling reading (how do you blog hard copy?). The pace of change in the real world adds melancholy footnotes to the proceedings. Joe Nacchio was CEO of Qwest and an undisputed knight of the new economy until he joined the list of (super-rich) dot.com casualties in June. Questioned… Continue reading Not whining but drowning

Indirect Current

The North London Line (timetables here) is one of London’s marvelous oddities – it doesn’t go anywhere. Or at least not in the purposeful, busy sort of way that the main lines do. It sort of idly wanders through North London, going all the way from Kew by the river at the Western end to… Continue reading Indirect Current

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Now this is a good idea

According to the FT, a new DTI report on speeding broadband adoption is not very optimistic. It concludes that wider availability and falling prices will not be enough to persuade most households to try it. Starting from the premise that a more thoroughly broadband Britain is a social and economic ‘good thing’ (one of those… Continue reading Now this is a good idea