HTML help!

Can anyone vaguely HTML-literate view source and tell me why the GIF at top right doesn’t display in Mac OS X Mozilla 1.2? It works in Explorer. Apologies in advance for inevitably embarrassing rookie error.

Blogging from my camphone

I wondered if I could ‘blog real life’ from my new camphone. Cynical Matt Jones says ‘don’t hold your breath’, optimistic Azeem Azhar says ‘watch this space’, clever James Cronin claims to have some code to do it, helpful May Woo points out that info-celebrity Joi Ito in Japan is already doing it. Thanks everyone.… Continue reading Blogging from my camphone

Docherty repulsed!

I can’t help but warm to David Docherty’s image of greedy Cookie Monsters spoiling the broadband party for the unfortunate content creators. The geeks, in particular, never warmed to David and his increasingly shrill Guardian columns gave away the scale of the challenge he was set. Broadband content in the UK is a total wash-out… Continue reading Docherty repulsed!

Bragg snooze

What winds me up about Melvyn Bragg’s appeal for Ofcom’s scope to be extended to include the BBC is not the sentiment itself, which is unexceptionable. It’s the fact that Bragg’s establishment status should buy him a double page spread in a national paper on a topic now so well-worn that most readers will have… Continue reading Bragg snooze lunacy

During the boom, some crazy people blew upwards of £5,000 of their precious VC funding on ? believe it or not ? deluxe Swiss-made professional espresso machines! Click here for the caffeine junkie’s bargain of the year ? try to imagine your kitchen with this baby in it.

Blogging real life

Matt Jones likes hiptop nation. I like it too and, now that I’ve got my MMS camphone, I want to know if I can blog real life. Is this possible yet? Can I post to my MT blog from my camphone? OR via a third party app?

Nocturnal logic

Four O’Clock this morning. Olly, our 4 year-old, wakes for a half hour tantrum. Nothing will quieten him, nothing make him happy. Everything is wrong. Nothing can make it right. If mummy tries to help he wants daddy and vice versa. He wants to be in our bed until we agree to let him and… Continue reading Nocturnal logic

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‘Bible codes’ recycled

The very human desire to find pattern in random data ? meaning in a cold, unmeaning world ? is alive and well. The pop media have decided it’s time to recycle the not-particularly-urban myth ? straight from the pages of ‘Puzzler‘ Magazine, in fact ? of premonitory codes ‘hidden’ in foundation texts like the bible.… Continue reading ‘Bible codes’ recycled

Essential broadband reading

The clever people at The Work Foundation have done some ethnographic research (the first in Britain, they think) into the use of broadband. Their conclusions are fascinating. In summary, pretty much everything that the access industry has been saying in its broadband marketing is wrong. I urge you to read the PDF file referenced here.… Continue reading Essential broadband reading