Britain’s biggest flow chart magazine?

Mizz Flow Chart Magazine
What’s a flow chart? “A method for showing how information flows around a system using stylised boxes and arrows which show the direction of flow?”. “A pictorial summary that shows with symbols and words the steps, sequence, and relationship of the various operations involved in the performance of a function or a process?” No. You fool. It’s a teen craze!

(click the little picture for the whole cover of Mizz Flowchart Magazine)


  1. Gosh…why didn’t I think about this…think of the opportunity too in teaching girls about patterns in sewing, computers, artwork, dating flowcharts…pretty interesting. Where can I sign up for my own copy?

  2. I actually havent read this magazine but it looks fab! I usually buy Mizz magazine every fortnight and i love everything in it from boys to flowcharts to tippa to cringes!

  3. Your website is fluffy it has a few good parts and a few bad parts. Just in case your wondering what fluffy means it means cool!!!
    But you should be able to acess the flowcharts and read the embarrasing moments online.
    C u soon luv Polly

  4. mizz is the best mag ever. i started reading mizz about 2 years ago and i have every mag from then.
    i have all the posters from mizz magz on my one of the magz aswell as a free gift can ur put a box or a mizz folder wot people who have alot of your mags can put them in so they dont get lost or ripped.i love your mag

  5. I first started collecting mizz about 3 years ago. It’s one of the best girls mags around. The posters are all over my walls.
    P.S. Please could u print a poster of the ‘friends’ crew and mary-kate and ashley? I think they’re ace.

  6. Hiya if you want to know the rock band which is going to be hitting the charts in a year or so vistit .

    ———————- ———————

    To find out all the goss

    We know them and they are soooooooooo fit and so cool!!

  7. A very cool mag i love all the pics of the fit boys if any1 agrees with me plz reply bk 2 me, quickly.


  9. sum1 cum online!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a cow in my skool is gay and tried 2 snog my friend sharlot xxxxxxxxx

  10. I can’t believe you people! How can you say that it’s the best magazine ever? I used to buy it myself and I must admit, it was pretty addictive, but c’mon! And, for the record, there’s only about 1 person in every 5,000 in the world who actually knows what a flow-chart is!

  11. i used to read miss . i only liked the flow charts and cringes. but j17 is much, much better. shout is absalute rubbish! sorry.. but it is.
    FAT CAT u r in denial u did really like mizz and i bet u still buy it! whoeva did that fsgdghlhl thing was very very sad. u must have nothing betta 2 do.
    l8ers ppl. and mizz is ok but see j17 . read it. it is good. ne fit boyz plz do reply bck!

  12. Mizz rocks don’t u dare diss it or u’ll ave ME 2 deal with, i’m not called dangerous 4 nuthin! Grr! ;cD

  13. by d way ur all mad, MIZZ SUX!!! as 4 ”fluffy” get a life. u cant replace cool wit ”fluffy”. saddo.

  14. ”Elaine” your so right what ‘saddo’ would replace ‘cool’ with ‘fluffy’, its like replacing black with pink . AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

  15. One of my bst friends and I think your mag is gr8. I get it evry firtnite and then I pass it onto her 2 read. I luv ur cringe pages and ur real-life shockers page!!!


  16. your website is pure crap man its no even got anyfing in it!!!!!!
    aw wit check yees :/

  17. mizz magazine is really good i get it every fortnite i got all my mates 2 read it and they are all subscribed its ace u can find out bout all the juicy goss on all the stars,find out about all the latest film releases and also check out all the fit ladz there is in the magazine specially the fit lad posters i think that every girl should read mizz its ace i really love it its worth the money you pay for the magazine.

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