Yes, but it’s so practical

Around the time we acquired our third child we also acquired a ‘people mover’ (or an ‘MPV’) like the one in the picture and now we’ve been forcibly recruited to a scary new demographic ? the demographic that hysterically justifies the purchase of what is basically a bus because it’s ‘so practical’ and gets notes like the one on the right stuck on the windscreen in car parks. This never used to happen to me… (click the note for a bigger picture)


  1. I know all too well what you mean Steve. I have gone from a fast motorbike, to an estate and now to an MPV. I reckon the next step is a bath chair!

  2. The note’s on Edexcel paper, maybe they’re just trying to drum up business. As it says on their site:
    “We offer a range of qualifications that meet the needs of learners from school students to senior managers.”

  3. Ha – couldn’t help but laugh!

    It’s not a Galaxy is it? Should have gone for the Honda Civic Stream – it’s more like an estate – but drives like a GTI – and cunningly fits 7 on a completely flat floor. (No I don’t get kickback from Honda!)

    Best regards – Jag

    ps – I remember you from early 1994 – Cyberia, Ivan Pope (whatever happened to him?), naming committees etc.

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