Howard’s Conservatives look impressively like The Sopranos this weekend. I suppose the unfortunate Mr Flight should be pleased he didn’t leave that final meeting in the trunk of a party car. As it is he’s been despatched so quickly he’s obviously in shock. In short order he’s been fired as Deputy Chairman, lost the whip, been kicked out of the party and deselected – his political career has been brutally and efficiently terminated. From made man to dead man in 24 hours.

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  1. Yes the resemblance to the Sopranos is staggering. I don’t know about you but I am finding it very difficult to decide who to vote for this time.

    Browns’ blatent efforts to promote his party with the budget aimed at the “grey market”, has decided me against Labour. I then watched the Conservatives reply to the budget and was favourably impressed…until the news about the deputy leader’s indescretion! The Liberals have done nothing, vocally or otherwise, so far and so I cannot bring myself to favour them. My semi-communist , recently-graduated son says I should vote for the Greens and I must say in the absence of other criteria, I might have to agree. Is any-one else having similar problems deciding?

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