I’m angry

Why am I angry? Lots of reasons. One: Charles Fucking Clarke gave the fascists a dozen seats because of his complacency and his arrogance and his inability to acknowledge that the foreign prisoners issue was a powder keg. Two: Tony Fucking Blair threw away dozens (a hundred? A hundred-and-fifty?) seats because he fired Clarke after the rout and not ten days ago when doing so would have had a political impact.

Three: Tony Fucking Blair (he made the list twice) half-fired John Prescott instead of actually firing him thus, inexplicably, turning the Prescott issue from a grubby private affair (with a nasty Max Clifford dimension) into a fully-fledged political crisis (with a constitutional twist) and: Four: Tony Fucking Blair (yes, three times) demoted a successful foreign secretary for reasons so impenetrable, so tribal and so self-destructive as to utterly undermine his successor. That’s why I’m angry.


  1. Steve,

    Your mixing your ‘isms. The BNP are racists, not fascists. New Labour are the facists with their assault on liberty, freedom and the rights of the individual subject.

    Nice you’ve woken up that Blair is Tony Fucking Blair. Could of told you that in 1997 and saved you the trouble.


  2. You will have reason to be angry when Cameron is in downing st, then you can have a temper tantrum for real.

    Maybe until then grow up and stop doing the tories work for them.

  3. Clearly you were educated under Mrs Milk Snatcher’s rule, Tories’, you dope. And next time you’re rude to my husband, who by the way nearly died yesterday, you’ll have to fight me, and I’m a nasty fucking bastard even when I’m in a good mood, so fuck off.

  4. Sorry to hear that Steve has been unwell although I don’t see how I’m being “rude”.

    The BNP are racist socialists. You only have to look at their policies to understand which side of the fench their reside.

    Given the number of pro Blair posts Steve has made over the years, his first negative anti Blair post did warrant a comment.

    Let me think, 10 years of Thatcher or 10 years of Michael Foot and Kinnock. I think I’ll stick with Thatcher thanks.

    Very “New Labour” that you accept comments, but only if their agree with you. Someone who doesn’t agree with you must be met with anger, you should work for Alistair.

    Steve, hope your feeling all better.

  5. Jesus christ, my life has nearly been destroy by labour in camden. So if u dont agree with what people say u get nasty and give violent threats. pathetic.

  6. The BNP are racist socialists. You only have to look at their policies to understand which side of the fench their reside.

    Their policies are classic conservatism – protectionist, patrician, isolationist and racist – all the things the Tories were until their leadership came to be dominated by ex-Liberals, with the added dimensions of militancy, autocracy, anti-Semitism and quasi-pagan mythography that makes a conservative into a fascist. The BNP are as far from being socialists as it is possible to get without being Genghis Khan.

  7. Just in case you thought you were being rude to me… it was a different “Mark” that posted.

    Personally I don’t give a damn about UK politics any more, ‘new’ Labour, Tories and Lib Dems are all as bad as each other, and the BNP are even worse, it does make me sad to see how much the UK has turned into a big brother nanny state with cameras everywhere national id cards etc.

    Things are still a little better in the US with the Bill of Rights able to hold off the worst excesses of Homeland Security etc.

  8. Really agree with the Prescott point – he should have gone.

    Proper functioning democracy requires a drubbing at local elections for the party in national Government. I don’t think we can have it any other way!

    Undeniably, the Labour Government has to try and thrive in a 24/7 media frenzy….an insatiable media is working overtime to push Tony into an early retirement. I think they are somewhat miffed that having dislodged two other party leaders (Kennedy & Howard), they have been denied the media circus of a leadership election in the Labour Party for well over 12 years. Labour must ensure that it isn’t manipulated by its political foes.

    In comradeship

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